Parsons Fashion Industry Essentials

Production Costs Project


In my Fashion Industry Essentials class with Parsons, I had to create an accessory out of unconventional materials that was inspired by a collection of pictures that I took. I saw mini glass bottles, like the ones you would stick a message in, in a junk drawer in my house. I decided that I could make either a necklace or earrings with these cute mini bottles and put some sort of greenery or plant in them because a lot of the pictures I took for the collection were of plants. I then realized that I would rather make earrings because I had not seen anything like them before. I also found some earring hooks in my mom’s craft room, so I figured that was a sign that the earrings were just meant to be! The earrings were really easy to make. The only difficult part was getting the plant to look similar in the glass vial in both earrings. Creating the earrings only took me about twenty minutes. It was a really simple process and didn’t take much supplies.

The materials were also quite inexpensive. A four-pack of the little glass bottles is $3.99, so I decided to divide that by two to get calculations for one pair earrings. So overall, the glass bottles cost $1.995 for a pair of earrings. Then, I had to add the cost of the fake flowers. One stem is $4.99 and I only used two little pieces off of the stem, so I went with $1.663 for the flowers. The last material that I used was earring hooks. A pack of thirty is $2.99, so I did the math to find out how much just two of the little hooks would be and it turned out to be $0.1993. To get the total production cost, I added up all the material costs to the amount of time that I worked for ten dollars an hour. My total production cost was $7.22. After finding the production cost, I calculated my twenty percent profit, which make my total cost plus profit $8.664. When I went around and asked my friends what they would pay for the earrings, most said anything from twelve to twenty dollars, I decided to go with fifteen because it is near the middle of the two.

This project taught me how to calculate the production and retail costs and what goes into each of them. It is interesting to see the processes that go into pricing the products we purchase.



Wish List

Top 6 Summer Swim Trends

Hey fashion friends!

As some of you may know, I am an east coast girl, born and raised. I’m used to the unpredictable weather and harsh winters by now, but I will never stop anticipating summer like a little girl on Christmas morning. Fall and spring are also very enjoyable season when the temperature is still above fifty degrees, but summer takes the cake for my overall favorite. I could make you a very long, detailed list of everything I love about summer, but this is a fashion blog, so I will refrain from doing that. I will tell you one thing that is in my top five favorite things about summer and that is wearing a swimsuit almost every day. Swimsuits are my favorite article of clothing and sadly I only get to wear them for one season and on a few vacations throughout the year. I am jealous of all the west coast bloggers on Instagram that have the chance to wear them year round, but then again that might ruin my excitement for the summer season! So, I actually am going to write you out a list, but it will be less reading and more shopping! Here are the top six swimsuit trends for summer 2016!

The Deep Plunge

Who said one pieces can’t be sexy?

The High Neck

You can do one with cutouts or just keep it simple!

The Off-the-Shoulder Bandeau 

Perfect for the girly girl.

The Lace-up High-Wasted Bottoms

My favorite bottoms I’ve seen so far. They pair perfectly with an under-wire top.

The Surfer Suit

What surfer girl doesn’t love functionality mixed with fashion?

The Crochet Suit

Whether it is one piece or two, it makes a statement!

All for sale on



Look: Sporty Chic

Hey fashion friends! This is my first official article for SiegelStyle and I am sorry it took so long for me to get it up on the site. The new semester starting has been more time consuming than I predicted. Now that I am into my routine, plenty more articles will be coming your way!

This week I want to share with you one of my favorite styles this season: sporty chic. You have most likely seen this style on models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner (they are the queens of sporty chic). This style requires that you not only wear your workout clothes to not go workout, but also put something on that you would not normally wear with them. For example, you might throw on a pair of jeans instead of leggings or a leather jacket over your sweatshirt. Work out companies are really benefiting from this new trend because people that don’t even spend much time in the gym are starting to buy Adidas, Nike, New Balance, etc.



After looking to celebrities for inspiration, I created my own affordable sporty chic look. The most expensive part of your sporty outfit will probably be your sneakers because they are the most important part. Sneakers are really on a rise lately and I can’t get enough of them. I have never been one to hit the gym; I’d rather be doing shoeless yoga, but now I am constantly on the lookout for new sneakers. The model in my look is rocking a pair of snakeskin New Balance sneakers. Instead of wearing leggings, she is wearing a pair of black denim and over her grey sweatshirt is a vegan leather jacket. She is also wearing a pair of Raen sunglasses to add just the right amount of color to this monochrome look.


Be sure to click on all the links to see where to get similar pieces to recreate this look! My favorite part about this outfit as a college student is that it is super comfortable. I don’t fantasize about changing into my pajamas while I am in class all day. The sporty chic look is a way to stay comfy all day without looking frumpy or lazy. A leather jacket, some jewelry and a pair of jeans are simple changes to make your workout clothes look more like street wear.


Stay tuned for my next article and don’t hesitate to request any fashion topics you would want me to write about! Thanks for reading.


K. Siegel



New Term: Lampshading


I got my first pair of over-the-knee boots two years ago and even though they were pricey, they were a great investment. I wear them with leather pants, leggings, tights, dresses, tunics, sweaters…you get the point…I wear them with everything. I also wear them in almost every season. Lately, they have become much more popular in street style images on fashion blogs and on Pinterest. As I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed earlier today, I saw that several people were calling the over-the-knee boots and oversized sweater look “lampshading.” I just had to share this term with you all because even though it sounds silly, it is so true. We look like walking lamps, but no worries, we still look fabulous. Now every time I see this look in person or on the internet, I can’t help but giggle and think to myself, “great lampshading job she did; She rocks that lampshade.”

The photo above of Elena Perminova is one of my most favorite lampshading jobs on the internet. Not only is her Chloe sweater to die for, but I love how she went monochromatic with a pop of dark green. I love the color of her suede boots, but that is a dangerous shade for me to wear around my college campus. This look is actually perfect for a busy/lazy college student though. How much comfier can you get than a big chunky sweater? Lampshade to class and you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable.

Thank you for reading my first actual article on my blog! I know it was short, but I just had to share this new fashion term with other fashion lovers. Stay tuned for my first look that I will post next week.


K. Siegel